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Peace and Justice

While strife, utilized reciprocally with a conflict or brutality, alludes to a condition of resistance between individuals, perspectives, or goals, savagery â€Å"†¦is any condition that forestalls a person from accomplishing her or his full potential† (Cortright 7). The issue of contentions has gotten a day by day subject as instances of killings, bombings, and deaths keep on happening at a disturbing level. Racial, shading, strict, ancestral and financial contrasts are the significant fills behind conflicts.Advertising We will compose a custom paper test on Peace and Justice explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Peace, then again, alludes to the predominant conditions without clashes and savagery. As conflicts keep on enduring the world over, dramatists, among others, have settled into tending to the issue, the causes, impacts, and the potential arrangements. As indicated by Terry George, the chief of the popular Hotel Rwanda film, the world is longing for individuals who can bravely crusade for harmony and equity. Inn Rwanda, the entrancing organization of Terry George, uncovers the most appalling aftereffects, as contemporary history unfurls. It highlights both innate and strict clashes as they happened during the 1994 Rwandan massacre. It is a touchy record of the Hutus of Rwanda, whose destruction battles saw the passing of thousands of the minimized Tutsis, upon whom the left Belgian colonizers had gave power. Rotating around a conspicuous inn in Kigali, George highlights Don Cheadle as the director of the lodging and a delegate of the larger part Hutus, the rich clan that appreciates greater part of the country’s assets. His significant other subs for the minority Tutsis. She is the least glad as she watches her kin endure provocations and serious beatings. She argues to her better half to help them in spite of being a Hutu. As the brutality strengthens, killings of the Tutsi start dependent on race, religion, and eco nomic wellbeing. As the European customers and staff power out of the nation, Paul becomes responsible for the visitor’s inn. He can't endure the mass killings any longer and in this manner picks to change the inn into an evacuee camp for the Tutsis, a stage that his Hutu individuals see as selling out. In any case, from this brave advance, he winds up protecting the lives of in any event 1238 Tutsi individuals. In any case, the executive qualifies in his great method of showing harmony and equity, as this is his target. The previously mentioned subject of contentions and brutality commands the film. All things considered, endeavors of sustaining harmony equity despite everything stick out. The chief highlights both ancestral and strict clashes as watched, in Rwanda, yet in addition on the planet allover. The greater part Hutus conflict with the minority Tutsis asserting, â€Å"We are the lion's share. Tutsis are the minority. Hutus must execute all the Tutsis†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (George). From these words, the chief exposes passing as one of the numerous the results of conflicts.Advertising Looking for exposition on global relations? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The singling out of a Paul from his kin, Hutus, to carry salvation to the minority Tutsis is dependent upon conversation. As Paul battles to encourage harmony among the Tutsis, he is invites clashes from the opposite side, who see him as a deceiver, approving Cortright’s words that â€Å"Peace doesn't mean the nonattendance of conflicts† (7). Energy is more than affection for ones nation. It involves the ability and penance of ones own kin. As indicated by this hypothesis, Paul is a trickster, as opposed to a loyalist and is dependent upon a harsh discipline. Be that as it may, the executive deliberately presents Paul’s intense advance of conflicting with the lion's share, who are rarely right, to picture him as an e ncapsulation of the rare sorts of people who can represent harmony and equity, not founded on sexual orientation, clan, and religion, to cite a couple. Inn Rwanda qualifies in driving home the point that, in the event that one individual could single him/herself out of the activity of the greater part, the harmony, equity, love, and congruity could convey the day. This film will demonstrate pertinent in the coming weeks in light of the fact that the understudies will think that its straightforward the subject about clashes and brutality. This must-watch film presents a decent method of exhibiting harmony and equity. Works Cited Cortright, David. Harmony: A History of Movements and Ideas. Cambridge University Press, 2008. George, Terry, dir. Lodging Rwanda. Lions Gate Films, 2004. Film This exposition on Peace and Justice was composed and presented by client Nova Weber to help you with your own examinations. You are allowed to utilize it for exploration and reference purposes so as to compose your own paper; be that as it may, you should refer to it appropriately. You can give your paper here.

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Full Text of Oslo Accords Definition of Principles

Full Text of Oslo Accords Definition of Principles Following is the full content of the Declaration of Principles on Palestinians interval self-government. The agreement was marked on Sept. 13, 1993, on the White House garden. Presentation of PrinciplesOn Interim Self-Government Arrangements(September 13, 1993) The Government of the State of Israel and the P.L.O. group (in the Jordanian-Palestinian designation to the Middle East Peace Conference) (the Palestinian Delegation), speaking to the Palestinian individuals, concur that the time has come to stop many years of encounter and strife, perceive their shared genuine and political rights, and endeavor to live in tranquil conjunction and common poise and security and accomplish a simply, enduring and far reaching harmony settlement and noteworthy compromise through the concurred political procedure. As needs be, the, different sides consent to the accompanying standards: ARTICLE IAIM OF THE NEGOTIATIONS The point of the Israeli-Palestinian exchanges inside the present Middle East harmony process is, in addition to other things, to build up a Palestinian Interim Self-Government Authority, the chosen Council (the Council), for the Palestinian individuals in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, for a transitional period not surpassing five years, prompting a lasting settlement dependent on Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338. It is comprehended that the interval courses of action are an indispensable piece of the entire harmony process and that the arrangements on the changeless status will prompt the execution of Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338. ARTICLE IIFRAMEWORK FOR THE INTERIM PERIOD The concurred structure for the between time period is gone ahead in this Declaration of Principles. ARTICLE IIIELECTIONS These races will establish a huge break preliminary advance toward the acknowledgment of the genuine privileges of the Palestinian individuals and their fair prerequisites. ARTICLE IVJURISDICTION Jurisdiction of the Council will cover West Bank and Gaza Strip an area, aside from issues that will be haggled in the perpetual status dealings. The different sides see the West Bank and the Gaza Strip as a solitary regional unit, whose trustworthiness will be safeguarded during the between time period. ARTICLE VTRANSITIONAL PERIOD AND PERMANENT STATUS NEGOTIATIONS The five-year transitional period will start upon the withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and Jericho region. Perpetual status arrangements will start at the earliest opportunity, however not later than the start of the third year of the break time frame, between the Government of Israel and the Palestinian individuals delegates. It is comprehended that these dealings will cover remaining issues, including: Jerusalem, outcasts, settlements, security game plans, fringes, relations and collaboration with different neighbors, and different issues of normal intrigue. The two gatherings concur that the result of the lasting status arrangements ought not be biased or seized by understandings went after the between time period. ARTICLE VIPREPARATORY TRANSFER OF POWERS AND RESPONSIBILITIES Upon the section into power of this Declaration of Principles and the withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and the Jericho zone, an exchange of power from the Israeli military government and its Civil Administration to the approved Palestinians for this assignment, as point by point in this, will start. This exchange of power will be of a preliminary sort until the initiation of the Council. Following the section into power of this Declaration of Principles and the withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and Jericho territory, with the view to advancing monetary improvement in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, authority will be moved to the Palestinians on the accompanying circles: instruction and culture, wellbeing, social government assistance, direct tax collection, and the travel industry. The Palestinian side will start in building the Palestinian police power, as settled upon. Pending the initiation of the Council, the two gatherings may arrange the exchange of extra powers and obligations, as settled upon. ARTICLE VIIINTERIM AGREEMENT The Israeli and Palestinian appointments will arrange a concession to the between time period (the Interim Agreement) The Interim Agreement will determine, in addition to other things, the structure of the Council, the quantity of its individuals, and the exchange of forces and duties from the Israeli military government and its Civil Administration to the Council. The Interim Agreement will likewise indicate the Councils official power, administrative expert as per Article IX underneath, and the free Palestinian legal organs. The Interim Agreement will incorporate game plans, to be actualized upon the introduction of the Council, for the suspicion by the Council of the entirety of the forces and obligations moved beforehand as per Article VI above. So as to empower the Council to advance financial development, upon its introduction, the Council will set up, in addition to other things, a Palestinian Electricity Authority, a Gaza Sea Port Authority, a Palestinian Development Bank, a Palestinian Export Promotion Board, a Palestinian Environmental Authority, a Palestinian Land Authority and a Palestinian Water Administration Authority, and some other Authorities settled upon, as per the Interim Agreement that will indicate their forces and obligations. After the initiation of the Council, the Civil Administration will be broken up, and the Israeli military government will be pulled back. ARTICLE VIIIPUBLIC ORDER AND SECURITY So as to ensure open request and inner security for the Palestinians of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, the Council will set up a solid police power, while Israel will keep on conveying the duty regarding shielding against outside dangers, just as the obligation regarding generally security of Israelis to defend their inward security and open request. ARTICLE IXLAWS AND MILITARY ORDERS The Council will be engaged to administer, as per the Interim Agreement, inside all specialists moved to it. The two gatherings will audit mutually laws and military requests by and by in power in residual circles. ARTICLE XJOINT ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN LIAISON COMMITTEE So as to accommodate a smooth execution of this Declaration of Principles and any ensuing understandings relating to the break time frame, upon the section into power of this Declaration of Principles, a Joint Israeli-Palestinian Liaison Committee will be built up so as to manage issues requiring coordination, different issues of normal intrigue, and debates. ARTICLE XIISRAELI-PALESTINIAN COOPERATION IN ECONOMIC FIELDS Perceiving the common advantage of participation in advancing the advancement of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and Israel, upon the passage into power of this Declaration of Principles, an Israeli-Palestinian Economic Cooperation Committee will be set up so as to create and actualize in an agreeable way the projects recognized in the conventions appended as Annex III and Annex IV . ARTICLE XIILIAISON AND COOPERATION WITH JORDAN AND EGYPT The two gatherings will welcome the Governments of Jordan and Egypt to take an interest in setting up further contact and collaboration game plans between the Government of Israel and the Palestinian delegates, from one viewpoint, and the Governments of Jordan and Egypt, then again, to advance participation between them. These plans will incorporate the constitution of a Continuing Committee that will choose by concurrence on the modalities of confirmation of people dislodged from the West Bank and Gaza Strip in 1967, along with important measures to forestall interruption and confusion. Different issues of normal concern will be managed by this Committee. ARTICLE XIIIREDEPLOYMENT OF ISRAELI FORCES After the section into power of this Declaration of Principles, and not later than the night before decisions for the Council, a redeployment of Israeli military powers in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip will happen, notwithstanding withdrawal of Israeli powers completed as per Article XIV. In redeploying its military powers, Israel will be guided by the rule that its military powers ought to be redeployed outside populated zones. Further redeployments to indicated areas will be step by step executed similar with the acceptance of accountability for open request and inner security by the Palestinian police power as per Article VIII above. ARTICLE XIVISRAELI WITHDRAWAL FROM THE GAZA STRIP AND JERICHO AREA Israel will pull back from the Gaza Strip and Jericho territory, as point by point in the convention connected as Annex II. ARTICLE XVRESOLUTION OF DISPUTES Questions emerging out of the application or understanding of this Declaration of Principles. or on the other hand any resulting understandings relating to the between time period, will be settled by exchanges through the Joint Liaison Committee to be set up as per Article X above. Questions which can't be settled by dealings might be settled by a system of mollification to be settled upon by the gatherings. The gatherings may consent to submit to intervention questions identifying with the break time frame, which can't be settled through pacification. To this end, upon the understanding of the two gatherings, the gatherings will build up an Arbitration Committee. ARTICLE XVIISRAELI-PALESTINIAN COOPERATION CONCERNING REGIONAL PROGRAMS The two gatherings see the multilateral working gatherings as a suitable instrument for advancing a Marshall Plan, the territorial projects and different projects, including s

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Brainstorming Quick Tip Call Your Grandmother

Brainstorming Quick Tip Call Your Grandmother Brainstorming Quick Tip: Call Your Grandmother Brainstorming Quick Tip: Call Your Grandmother Rifling through your memory to identify important events and enertaining anecdotes from the past seventeen years of your life can be a daunting task.  Where do you begin?  How could you possibly be expected to remember everything that ever happened to you?  It is often much harder to try and conjure these memories out of thin air than it is to talk about them with the people who know you best your family.  Sit down at the dinner table and ask your parents to dig up some of their favorite moments from your past.  Probe your siblings for the stories that make them belly laugh no matter how many times theyre told at holiday dinners.  And if youre lucky enough to have grandparents to talk to, call them up and see what they have to say.  After living very full lives, grandparents have often distilled their favorite stories down to a collection of the very best.  Believe it or not, your eighty-five year old granny probably remembers a gem you dont and it may make for a great essa y. About CEA HQView all posts by CEA HQ »

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Racism in Film Hidden Fugures - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 4 Words: 1303 Downloads: 1 Date added: 2019/02/05 Category Society Essay Level High school Tags: Racism Essay Did you like this example? Introduction The movie industry has come a long way since its beginning in the 1890’s. New developments in equipments have emerged, genres have grown and expanded, and the industry makes billions each year with its films. Many things have been improved, including the portrayal of minority characters on screen. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Racism in Film Hidden Fugures" essay for you Create order Equality with the actors themselves and the characters they have portrayed has been a defining feature. Going away from supporting roles and getting more and more lead parts, black actresses and actors are no longer being overlooked, like they had been in the past. Seeing the evolution in change from Birth of a Nation, to award winning films, like Hidden Figures, it is great to see how the industry has changed for the better. I chose to focus on this area because of a Ethnicity in Film class that I took and it is an area that I really enjoyed learning about. It is sad to think how people were treated in the past, and even with their contributions and accomplishments in movies were still overlooked because of the color of their skin. It is great to see the changes that have been made to allow these actors and actresses to be given the parts they deserved, and parts that are not offensive and are great role models for those who watch it. Explanation of Communication Topic Movies have come a long way in history and Hidden Figures is a great example of that. While having three, serious lead roles that portrayed by black actresses, it shows how far the industry has come. In Donald Bogle’s book, Toms, Coons, Mulattoes, Mammies, and Bucks, he discusses how black women in the 1980’s rarely had a chance to have role of importance. Instead of having any roles of sustenance, they were casted into flashy roles, such as â€Å"Tina Turner, in metal-meshed mini dress, as Aunty Entity in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985); [and] the young sex kitten, Lisa Bonet, used as the most exotic of tragic mulattoes in Alan Parker’s Angel Heart (1987)†(Bogle 263). These women were put into the same roles, just different variations for different movies. Any roles that any value to them were given to white actresses. Hidden Figures is a representation of history that did happen and this movie showcases the it. The movie made sure to focus on Katherin e, Mary and Dorothy, not sidestepping them to whitewash the movie by focusing on the others involved like Al Harrison (Kevin Costner), or Paul Stafford (Jim Parsons). There are many communication theories that could explain many aspects of why this racism used to exist in films. Muted Group Theory stood out the most during my research. Muted Group Theory talks about how since â€Å"language is man-made women remain reduced and excluded. Because words and norms have been created by men, women are disadvantaged in public. As women become less muted and more vocal, the dominant position of males in society will diminish.† (Communication Theories). In research done by Cheris Kramarae, discussing the theory, talks about how â€Å"people attached or assigned to subordinate groups may have a lot to say, but they tend to have relatively little power to say it without getting into a lot of trouble† (Kramarae). This theory is shown throughout multiple times in Hidden Figures with the â€Å"computers† and the working relationships between the men and the black women. I am looking into this theory specifically in how the group of black women in the movie were treated and the public disadvantages they faced during the time period. Explanation of Media Object In the movie, Muted Group Theory was shown a lot throughout the movie. It was mainly targeted to the black women, known as the computers, and the treatment they faced from their white male colleagues and even the white women as well. In a journal article, written by Miriam Lieway, discussed the racism and subsequently theory that was shown in the movie between Vivian Mitchell, the white female supervisor to the â€Å"computers,† a group of African American women computing calculations. She was the one that constantly turned down the application for any promotions for Dorothy and denied Mary’s application for more engineering training, repeating that is was just the way things were and that they should be happy that they even have these jobs. The article discussed how within the very sexist and racist workplace, Vivian went along with it like it was nothing. She managed the computers in a way that they were dispensable.. The article points this out in how she would spe ak of â€Å"NASA and rules, she used the pronouns we, us, our. When she referred to the Black women she used you or they. Even when asking for help, she could not overcome the mindset that Dorothy was the ‘other.’† (Leiway). In this movie, there are also parts where the characters are shown breaking the Muted Group Theory to try to overcome the obstacles that are put in their way. There is a paper written by Danyelle T Ireland, and other colleagues on â€Å"how students in STEM fields who are members of intersecting marginalized groups have distinctive experiences related to their social identities, other psychological processes, and educational outcomes.† The paper looks into the lives of black and female students and their education. They looked into how the different racialized and gendered experiences influenced the educations that they received. In their analysis, they highlighted â€Å"the ways that researchers have employed intersectionality to make the experiences of Black women and girls in STEM education more visible, or ‘unhidden.’† (Ireland). Specifically with Mary, she faced the most discrimination with education, having to go to a judge to get special permission to attend classes at an all white school for graduate-level physics courses. Even though the judge did grant her permission, she had to attend only the night classes, being hidden by the darkness of night. She pushed through barriers to continue her education to land a job that she had a huge passion for and pushing through the gender and racial barriers that were put before her. Conclusion Hidden Figures is a contemporary film that shows the hardships of the civil rights movement and segregation in daily life and in the workplace. Katherine Goble (Johnson), Mary Jackson and Dorothy Vaughan, portrayed by Janelle Monà ¡e, Taraji P. Henson and Octavia Spencer, are three woman who fought for their right to be heard in their jobs, working for NASA. During the movie, they have a chance to prove themselves worthy, as well as proving their coworkers that they are wrong about them and the importance of their contributions to put a man in to space. Normal moviegoers may not see all of the importance of this film. Some may see it as another form of entertainment, but it is a part of history that many had not known about beforehand. The cast is also diverse, with three black actresses as the top billed actor/actresses in the movie. This is valuable and shows how Hollywood is expanding in ways to make more diverse films that arent just there for comedy, but is there to experience . It is not just the movies that have evolved since its creation, but the people who are involved with it as well. Socially as opinions changed, so did the movies. It is hard to not want to burn all of the horribly racist films from the past, but importantly is is what happened and these old films should not be forgotten, but seen as an example of what we should not return to. Author J. Emmett Winn discusses how â€Å"the representation of African Americans in these films within the socio-political context of their times† (Winn) and the changes that the United States government made on its view of racism in filmmaking.

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Walter Lees Dreams in A Raisin in The Sun Essay - 1408 Words

Lorraine Hansberrys A Raisin in the Sun is a play about segregation, triumph, and coping with personal tragedy. Set in Southside Chicago, A Raisin in the Sun focuses on the individual dreams of the Younger family and their personal achievement. The Youngers are an African American family besieged by poverty, personal desires, and the ultimate struggle against the hateful ugliness of racism. Lena Younger, Mama, is the protagonist of the story and the eldest Younger. She dreams of many freedoms, freedom to garden, freedom to raise a societal-viewed equal family, and freedom to live liberated of segregation. Next in succession is Beneatha Younger, Mamas daughter, assimilationist, and one who dreams of aiding people by breaking down†¦show more content†¦Yessir- whatever you want to be- you name it son! And I?ll hand you the world.? (108-09). Walter?s false confidence allows him to make such a strong promise to Travis. Walter is unable to see that these things he is promising Tra vis quite easily may not become reality because he is solely focused on his dreams. Therefore, he believes everything he promises as a result of his dream will become a reality. Furthermore, as a result of his sole focus on dreams, Walter is unable to associate himself with decent people. The prime example of this poor association is Willy Harris. At this present time in the novel, Walter is seeing the true extent of his impaired judgment due to focus on his dreams. As he discusses his ?business transaction? with Bobo, one of his colleagues, Walter is unable to see Willy Harris for the true epitomic evil doer he is. As his evident mental block continues, Bobo gives him insight on the growing problem, what?s a matter with you, Walter! When a cat takes with your money he don?t leave you no road maps. (128). Walter is beginning to learn the consequences of trusting a malevolent man like Willy Harris. Walter is solely focused on his dreams and quite palpably, it was a mistake. His judgm ent is so impaired, he trusts this man with the money Mama selflessly gives to him and his sister and it instantly vanishes. Finally, Walter is unable to see he is affecting those around him because he is singularly focused onShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Walter Lees Dream In A Raisin In The Sun900 Words   |  4 Pages In the drama, A Raisin in the Sun, Lorraine Hansberry sheds light on the hardships a struggling black family faces. As the long awaited insurance check arrives, the family debates on how to spend the money. Walter Lee exhibits frustration over his job and desires more success in his life. While Mama continuously worries that her sons dream of owning a liquor store is not the right path for the family, she believes her dream will be most beneficial for everyone. In addition, Ruth is pregnantRead MoreA Raisin in the Sun - 41047 Words   |  5 PagesTania Garcia A raisin in the sun Prof. Natalie Sandler November, 27, 2012 A Raisin in the sun In a Raisin in the sun people wondered about Walter Lee’s inner journey. A Raisin in the sun is a play that explorer’s the struggles of African American people who achieve their desires. It’s about an African American family trying to pursue an American dream of owning their own home but in the process they encounter racismRead More`` The Yellow Wallpaper `` By F. Scott Fitzgerald1017 Words   |  5 Pagescrisis is the narrator and her husband, John. The speaker of â€Å"One Art† by Bishop is moving on from a crisis with a lover. Tom and Daisy Buchanan’s relationship is also in a crisis in Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. In Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun, Ruth and Walter Lee’s marriage is at a critical point and may fall apart at any moment. Each couple makes unique decisions about the situation they are in and determines if the relationship will stand the final test. In â€Å"The Yellow Wallpaper,† the narratorRead More Lorraine Hansberrys A Raisin In The Sun - Dignity and the American Dream1248 Words   |  5 PagesAmerican Dream in A Raisin in the Sun   Ã‚  Ã‚   The American Dream, although different for each of us, is what we all aspire to achieve. In Lorraine Hansberrys, play, A Raisin in the Sun, each member of the Younger family desperately hopes for their own opportunity to achieve the American Dream. The American Dream to the Younger family is to own a home, but beyond that, to Walter Younger, it is to be accepted by white society.    In the book entitled Advertising the American Dream, RolandRead MoreHarlem And The Sun By Langston Hughes1091 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?† This poem, Harlem, created a whole play based on one line (Hughes, 1055-1056). Langston Hughes wrote the poem Harlem due to his major role in the Harlem Renaissance. A Raisin in the Sun was concocted by Hughes one line, this play tells the story of an African American family living in the slums during a time when racial dilemmas were at an all time high. The family receives money from Mama’s husband passing away, but theRead MoreA Brief Note On The Sun And The Circumstances Of The Moulin Rouge Casino Essay1271 Words   |  6 Pagesracism’s effects deliver a harsh reality to victims. The novel Raisin in the Sun and the circumstances of the Moulin Rouge Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, tell how racism destroyed dreams and crushed the soul through dis crimination and lost opportunity. But there’s another side to the racism story. For some of the oppressed, discrimination and hardship will be fought with perseverance and achievement. In both the fictional Raisin in the Sun and the historical Moulin-Rouge Casino, a black woman, againstRead More A Role of the Women Essay1119 Words   |  5 PagesThe Role of a Woman In a Raisin in the Sun is a play about a family that lives on the South side of Chicago, a section of the city Hansberry once described as â€Å" a place apart†, where â€Å" each piece of our living is a protest â€Å". After the death of Walter Young (Big Walter), his wife, Lena (Mama), is the beneficiary of a $10,000 insurance policy. The money will be used to provide for the family’s future. Race, race relation and big Walter’s insurance money supply the thematic context for Hansberry’sRead MoreComparing Soul Food and A Raisin in the Sun Essay655 Words   |  3 PagesComparing Soul Food and A Raisin in the Sun Lorraine Hansberrys A Raisin in the Sun and George Tillmans box-office hit Soul Food explore the hardships and trials of black family life, and through the characters, setting, and theme of both the story and the film, the issue of class and the search for community is discussed. The theme indicated in these stories is the search for community. Mama Younger wanted her family to come closer. The more she tried, the farther apart they becameRead MoreElements used in Raisin in the Sun Essay1234 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿Drama 160 Term Paper: Raisin in the Sun Lorraine Hansberry’s Raisin in the Sun is a monumental play in the theatrical world. Produced in 1959, it became the first play written by an African-American woman to hit the stage and was later nominated for several Tony Awards. The play touched many controversial themes of the time including racial discrimination and poverty. The design of Raisin in the Sun, including scenic, costume, lighting, and sound elements, were crucial to developing the plotRead MoreA Raisin in the Sun Essay1752 Words   |  8 PagesA Raisin in the Sun Creativity of Hansberry played a crucial role in the development of African-American drama since the Second World War. A Raisin in the Sun was the first play by African-American author which was set on Broadway and was honored by the circle of New York theater critics. Drama of A Raisin in the Sun (1959) brought Hansberry to the Award Society of New York Critics as the best play of the year. A Raisin in the Sun shows the life of an ordinary African-American family which dreams

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Titanic Free Essays

One of the best known films of all time, in my opinion, is â€Å"Titanicâ€Å". Directed by James Cameron in 1997, this film captured both my attention and my heart with the plot of a tragic event hand in hand with a love story with everything but a happy ending. He managed to combine TragedyThe real story behind this film is that of the ship of dreams also believed to be the unsinkable ship and its tragic journey to the ocean floor. We will write a custom essay sample on Titanic or any similar topic only for you Order Now The love story that caught all of our hearts is that of Jack Dawson and Rose. They’ve been brought together by this majesty boat from opposite ends of the spectrum in an era where status is everything. Timing was also against them with the pressure of Rose’s engagement to Cal Hockley. Rose’s snobby mother Ruth Dewitt was also a major obstacle to their relationship from the beginning and insists on the marriage of Rose and Cal Hockley because of his inheritance. The story is narrated by aged Rose to a group of explorers who wanted to know more details about the wreck of the Titanic. The movie begins with the exploration of the sunken Titanic by treasure hunter Brock Lovett and his team. They are searching for a necklace called the â€Å"Heart of the Oceanâ€Å". They believe the necklace is in Cal’s safe, which they recover. Instead of finding the priceless diamond, they find a drawing of a nude woman wearing the necklace, dated the same night the Titanic hit the iceberg, April 14, 1912. Rose Dawson sees the painting on TV and immediately contacts the explorers and tells them she is the woman in the drawing. Brock Lovett, being very interested in her story, brings Rose and her granddaughter Lizzy to the ship. When asked if she knows the whereabouts of the necklace, Rose recalls her memories in a flashback and brought us aboard the Titanic. The story begins with Jack and his best friend, Fabrizio, betting everything they have on a game of poker for life changing tickets to board the Titanic, minutes before its departure. They win the tickets and head for America on what was believed to be at the time, mans greatest creation, the Titanic. Rose and Jack were part of opposite social classes on the ship. Rose being the part of the wealthy stayed in first class quarters while Jack being part of the third class passengers belonged in the bowels of the ship. It wasn’t until one night that Rose was just fed up by the distress by the engagement and the pressure from her mother, that she come out to the dock and considers suicide. Seconds aways from reaching the point of no return and jumping, Jack comes from behind and talks her out of jumping. From that night on Jack and Rose develop a relationship of friendship with undeniable potential to be soul mates. Jack soon discovers the not so pleasant people of â€Å"high society,† and sees clearly why Rose is so desperate to break away from that world. Jack was looked down upon by Cal, Ruth, and most of Rose’s acquaintances. It was long before Cal and Ruth forbid that Rose see Jack. Weighing out her options, Rose decides to defy her mothers orders and meet with Jack. She soon realizes that Jack’s world and Jack himself is an escape from her marriage to Cal. This leads to one of the best scenes, where Rose takes Jack back to her room and asks him to draw a portrait of her wearing nothing but the heart of the ocean necklace, an engagement present from Cal. The same portrait that was found years later in Cal’s safe in place of the necklace itself. Afterwards, the two find their way to the ship’s cargo hold, where, for the first time, they make love. Perhaps one of the most steaming, lust filled scenes in movie history. After that scene Jack and Rose go up to the deck and experience what is going to change everyone’s life on that ship. The ship collides with an iceberg that the ships crew weren’t in time to prevent. They also overhear the crew speaking of the seriousness, so they get a heads up. They then rush to inform Cal and her mother. But before Rose reaches her mother and Cal to warn them about the collision with the iceberg, Cal confronts her. He has found the sketch that Jack had painted of her. He then plots against Jack by dropping the necklace into his coat pocket and frames him for being a thief. Jack is then arrested, taken to a room, and handcuffed to a pipe. Rose, being lied to about Jacks action, is then left with no choice but to leave with Cal. Cal, Ruth, and Rose then rush to one of the few life boats on the ship to try and escape what they already know will be a deadly end. As the minutes pass and the ship stands still on the icy cold sea water, panic on the ship grows immensely. As Rose takes her place in the lifeboat, she decides to leave Cal, he mother along with her safety and rejoin Jack on this shipwreck to be. Rose is racing frantically against the panicking crowds in an effort to fin and save Jack. She soon realizes that the deck she has to go thru is already a couple of feet underwater. Without hesitation, she continues and goes on to find the room where Jack is handcuffed. The room quickly begins to flood; and without a key to set Jack free, Rose goes back into the hallways and finds an axe. After only a couple practice hits, she swings the axe down and cuts thru the cuffs. By the time they get back to the deck the ship is halfway underwater. They make their way to the lifeboats but they were only letting the woman and children board. Rose of course didn’t leave him the first and doesn’t leave him this time either. Moments later everyone including Jack and Rose are racing to the front of the boat and it rises higher and higher into the sky. The ship now being in a 90 degree angle, Jack and Rose hold their breath as the boat finally goes underwater. After a few seconds of being separated they find each other in the icy cold water surrounded by fifteen hundred others shouting for help. They are hoping for the lifeboats to return for them. Meanwhile they come across this floating wooden board, buts it’s only big enough to sustain one of them. Rose lies on the wooden board and holds jacks hands and wait. Wait to die, wait for rescue, just wait. It gets quieter and quieter as the minutes pass, and finally one boat comes back. When Rose realizes that there’s a boat, she tries to wake up Jack only find him lifeless still holding on tight to her hand. Definitely the saddest moment of the movie, this scene brings me to tears. Rose then blows a whistle she had taken from one of the already dead officers floating next to them. With nothing but just a memory of Jack Dawson, Rose survives that’s horrific night to grow old and live life like Jack said she would. Rose finishes her remarkable story, and that same night she reveals that she had this diamond all along and returns it to where she always thought that it belonged. In my opinion of the most memorable scenes was the image of the thousands of people struggling in the ice cold dark waters when Rose came out of the water without Jack. I can picture it so vividly. Another scene that I remembered is where an old couple embraces each other in bed knowing that they were going to drown. The love scene in the car where the windows of the car are fogged up show the passion that Rose and Jack had for each other. Titanic is filled with the most impressive camera movements like the swooping motions around the moving ship which he uses various times throughout the movie. They’re just breathtaking. Probably the most epic and mind-blowing camera moves were those during the collision and sinking of the Titanic. The way you see people falling from the ship slamming into the water, hitting the objects on their way down to the swallowing ocean, one character even hit the propeller. Before the movie hit the big screen, the press was trashing Titanic, mainly because the cost of this film extremely over budget. Well let me be one of the many to say that it was worth every single penny. There is nothing I’ve seen in years that comes close to the power and glory of Titanic. Perhaps it’s because the movie was based on a real story. And, of course, it was a movie that contained drama, action, adventure and we cannot forget the romance. Titanic is also a symbol of a time when the movies swept you away in another world and kept you there. Even knowing what is to come at the end, your eyes will be transfixed. It’s that good. That’s why I believe this movie will be as popular and well known for many generation to come as it was the year it premiered and as recognizable as it is today. How to cite Titanic, Papers

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Online Grocery Business

Question (1) Analyse the current issues faced by the online groceries in Europe. What areas of the product delivery, customer service and Supply Change Management are they handling well? What are the key issues and problems that they are currently faced with? What are the future trends in the online grocery business? (2) Identify an Australian online store. Compare performance of this store with this store with the performance of the European Grocery Stores. What are the competitive advantages of the Australian seller? What are the areas where the Australian seller is falling behind? What e-commerce technologies and business processes would you advise the Australian company to adopt in order to improve its performance and increase its market share? Answer: (1) Over a period of time there has been significant change in the way organisations are doing business. Especially, due to increased penetration of internet, there has been rapid change in the existing business, and this is more evident in industries such as retail segment. Major retailers in Europe such as Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys etc. are rapidly adopting the hybrid model of grocery retailing (Rohm Swaminathan, 2014, pp.748-757). On one hand, increase in use of internet based technologies has created a scenario where every shopper wants to fulfil most of his shopping requirements through online e-commerce websites, on other hand retail organisations are focusing hard to fulfil customer expectation by using smart and customer friendly strategies such as launching online grocery websites. Even though major part of Europe continues to buy grocery from brick and mortar shops, there are significant changes taking place in the buying behaviour. People are increasingly moving towards sho pping their grocery from online grocery stores rather than visiting a brick and mortar based grocery retail store. Despite of encouraging signals in growth of online grocery stores, there has been significant number of challenges and issues which the organisations into online grocery sector are facing. In UK 4.5 % of total grocery sale in 2010 came from online channel; however growth in other parts of Europe has been relatively low. For example in Germany, online grocery sale comprises of just 0.2% of total sale. In Europe, United Kingdom can be considered as one of the most developed grocery market, with organisations like Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys etc. However despite of tremendous potential, online grocery companies are facing numerous issues and challenges. These are as follows: Demand side problem: One major reason behind slow growth of online grocery shopping is the demand related issue. For example, in click and cash model of online grocery shopping consumers do not like paying for delivery fees, neither they like waiting for deliveries, and at times items which they receive from their online store is not fresh. This has resulted into creation of situation where, there is only a small fraction of customer segment in Europe who wants to use online grocery shopping sites. Due to which organisations are finding it difficult to remain profitable and sustain their online operations (Bevan Murphy, 2011). Supply side problem: It has been observed that for most of the online grocery retailers, online grocery transactions are not generating profit. For them, online grocery shopping site is an extension to their existing brick and mortar business model of retailing. This doesnt means that there are no pure online grocery shopping organisation, but they are relatively small in scale and do not have that amount of capital to invest as compared to large retailers (Huang Oppewal , 2010). That is why; large or small online shopping organisations are finding it difficult to achieve profitability through their online grocery shopping model. Most of them are using it to increase their volume of sales, rather than improving their value of sales. Variable cost in the online environment is relatively high, as compared to the brick and mortar model, also due to maintenance of warehouse, website and a dedicated supply chain to handle delivery of the order, there has been significant increase in the operational expenses of the European organisations. Despite of above mentioned challenges, organisations are trying to excel in areas such as product deliveries, customer servicing and supply chain management. In this regard it is important to mention the effort these online grocery shopping website are putting into customer services. In online grocery shopping environment, customer servicing the key essence, if due to any bad delivery of the grocery item which might have issues such freshness, or wrong item etc. then it has direct impact on the customer servicing quality, and in present business environment customer is one such stakeholder who is not forgiving at all. With so many competitors ready to poach the customer, there is no dearth of options for customer in retail segment, however companies are ensuring that there customer service remains of high quality. Many retailers have offered fixed delivery time for the ordered item, along with several discounts etc. Organisations are having dedicated customer servicing department whi ch is handling all the issues being logged in through the online grocery shopping websites. Product delivery is another aspect which organisations are increasingly focusing upon, this is one major reason behind improvement in the delivery time and other related aspect with the product delivery. In grocery shopping through online medium, and especially for food items, if the products are not delivered in time then possibility is high that customer might receive stale food item, which might create a major dent on customer trust. That is why; companies are working extensively in improvement of their supply chain. Product delivery is also from supply chains perspective. An efficient and timely delivery of the product is directly associated with the reduction in the operational expenses of the organisation and improvement in the customer experience (Schuster, A., Sporn, 2008). Overall it can be said that online grocery shopping is still in a nascent stage in major part of Europe, including United Kingdom. However, this also translates into the fact that there is tremendous scope of growth for companies existing in online grocery shopping business model. However to reap the benefit of this situation it is important for the retail organisations to have dedicated online retail strategy rather than mixing it up with their existing brick and mortar based business model. (2) Australian online store identified for this task is In terms of performance, it can be said Coles is part of Coles supermarket, which is a supermarket chain owned by Wesfarmers, founded in 1914 in Victoria. Performance is much better as compared to other online grocery shopping websites in Europe. There are multiple reasons behind better performance. Coles has total assets of A$19.08 billion, which is a big support for the online grocery shopping website of Cole. Due to profitability of its brick and mortal model business, Coles has been able to offer exciting discounts to its customers. It can be said that Coles is capable of offering hybrid services that means that Coles offers services in form of Store to home, click-and-collect along with its traditional brick and mortar model of business. For an Australian seller like Cole, there are numerous competitive advantages such as: Ease of business: Firstly unlike Europe, where European Union plays a major role in decisions related to retail business, apart from policies of EU, there are various policies at local level as well for each country. This has resulted into a highly fragmented environment in which these online shopping grocery websites have to do business, that is why at times reach of these business remains very restricted due to variation in various compliance related laws etc. Unlike Europe, Australia is free from such issue. It has its central and state government which takes decision in uniform manner. Due to uniformity and clarity on the policy front new as well as existing organisations are increasingly opening up to setup new online grocery websites. In nutshell it can be said that compared to Europe, Australia offers a higher ease of business factor, due to which more and more organisations are willing to start online grocery shopping websites (Hand et al, 2009). Age factor of target customer segment: Age of its target customer base is one major advantage which Australian sellers have with them. On one hand Europe as a continent is suffering from issue of ageing population, where in Australia there is advantage that a major part of the population falls in the age group of 20-45 years which is most net-savvy and inclined towards using online grocery shopping websites for their grocery shopping requirements. Customer in the age group of 45-65 years is already well tuned to shop from brick and mortar model of grocery shopping, and they are often reluctant to use internet to do their grocery shopping. That is why companies in Europe find it hard to increase their target customer base since there is already a saturation level in their ideal customer base. However there are certain areas on which Australian sellers are falling behind. For example lack of quality in the product is one area which needs to be improved. It is not like that all online retailers have this issue, or they are intentionally offering low quality products, but this is issue is more due to the fact that Australian online grocery shopping scenario is still in nascent stage like Europe, due to which many times such issues unintentionally are taking place. With sudden emergence of internet based business model in retailing, many companies entered into this sector without proper business strategy, and vision of their supply chain management for specially catering to demand form online channel. This has resulted into a situation where companies are taking time to consolidate their business setup and overall logistical, in this process at times customers face issues related to quality of the product which is delivered to them. Another area in which Australian sellers can improve upon is the marketing and customer servicing aspect. Unlike European sellers who are extremely cautious about their brand image, Australian sellers are yet to show that seriousness. These companies in Australia have grown more through organic route rather than growing through extensive marketing efforts. If these companies can put more effort in marketing field, then definitely there can be further boost to the overall profitability of the company. Australian companies can focus more on improvement on their e-commerce technologies and existing business processes. For example, currently majority of people are shopping by using laptops and other devices and by accessing the website. However, consumer behaviour is fast changing towards use of smart phones and mobile devices to complete their shopping. That is why it is important for organisations such as Coles, to take proactive steps in that direction and launch mobile based application for mobile grocery shopping. This will ensure that more customers are encouraged towards use of mobile devices to do their grocery shopping. However it is also important for organisations to ensure that in a case like this where mobile based shopping application is being promoted, they needs to make sure that overall customer experience remains same and seamless in nature. Customer should not feel difference in the user experience when he website as compared to a situation when he does the same th ing in mobile application. Overall it can be said that despite of challenges and issues online grocery shopping has a tremendous future. Only important thing which will ensure that maximum benefit is extracted from this situation is proper business strategies of the organisations into this field. References Bevan, J., Murphy, R. (2011). The nature of value created by UK online grocery retailers.International Journal of Consumer Studies,25(4), 279-289. Hand, C., Riley, F. D. O., Harris, P., Singh, J., Rettie, R. (2009). Online grocery shopping: the influence of situational factors.European Journal of Marketing,43(9/10), 1205-1219. Huang, Y., Oppewal, H. (2010). Why consumers hesitate to shop online: An experimental choice analysis of grocery shopping and the role of delivery fees.International Journal of Retail Distribution Management,34(4/5), 334-353. Rohm, A. J., Swaminathan, V. (2014). A typology of online shoppers based on shopping motivations.Journal of business research,57(7), 748-757. Schuster, A., Sporn, B. (2008). Potential for online grocery shopping in the urban area of Vienna.Electronic Markets,8(2), 13-16.